Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hamas calls for national dialogue

Gaza toll hits 500 as Israeli assault worsens Frantic families flee as Israeli soldiers surround Gaza City
GAZA (AlArabiya.net, Agencies)
The death toll of Palestinians killed in Israel's nine-day assault on the Gaza Strip hit 500 with thousands injured as Israeli troops advanced in their ground invasion supported by military helicopters that sporadically dropped bombs and caused mass panic as frantic families fled by car or on foot.Since the ground invasion began at least 40 Palestinians have been killed and one Israeli soldier killed with some 35 injured, according to both Palestinian and Israeli officials.Israel's assault worsened as world outrage continued, the U.N. Security Council failed to agree on a solution, the Islamist group Hamas called for national dialogue and Israel's President Shimon Perez rejected calls for a ceasefire.Israel launched a ground invasion late on Saturday, pouring tanks and troops into the Hamas-controlled territory after a week of air strikes, prompting many residents to flee their homes. Residents flee
A family flees Gaza City
Streets remained deserted in Gaza City, capital of the battered and densely populated Palestinian territory, as it was encircled by Israeli forces cutting off the main access roads. Stores were shuttered and long queues formed outside the few open bakeries, with those residents who decided to stay stocking up on goods for fear of a protracted conflict. The first night of Israel's ground invasion of Gaza that has been blasted with explosives from both air and sea was sleepless for most of the city's population as the sounds of war shattered the chilly night air. Artillery shells rained down along the border, tanks firing in support of advancing infantry units in the northern Gaza Strip, and Hamas retaliated with mortar rounds and by setting off roadside bombs.
Panicked children
" "We are shaking like our children...Even before this offensive, it was the blockade that was killing us. This is intolerable. "
Gaza resident
Residents who have bore the brunt of the assault decried their situation: "My children are panicked because of the intensity of the bombardments that went on all the night," Samir Haji, 46, told AFP. The morning brought only more worry for many in Haji's neighborhood south of Gaza City as tanks rumbled into the area accompanied by Israeli infantry. Dozens of tanks and heavy bulldozers rolled into the area near the former Jewish settlement of Netzarim, with air support from Apache helicopter gunships. "We are shaking like our children," said Yehia Anis Hussein. "Even before this offensive, it was the blockade that was killing us. This is intolerable." Dozens of frantic families fled the area in cars. Some were also seen walking down roads, heading south and away from the advancing troops.
Battle on airwaves
" My children are panicked because of the intensity of the bombardments that went on all the night "
A father in Gaza
As troops clashed with Hamas forces on the ground, another battle raged on the airwaves, with Israel breaking into Hamas television and radio broadcasts. "Hamas leadership, your time is finished," said one message posted on Al-Aqsa television. Earlier the Islamist group's radio service was interrupted by a male voice in Hebrew-accented Arabic: "Hamas leaders are hiding in the tunnels and are leaving you on the frontline of Israel's defense forces." "Hamas leaders are lying to you and they are hiding in hospitals," he said. "Launching rockets puts civilians in danger."
National dialogue
Protestors in Lebanon don Hamas colors
Meanwhile, Hamas said it was ready for an unconditional national dialogue."Hamas is calling for a national meeting to counter the aggression," Mohammed Nazzal, a member of the group's politburo, told Al Arabiya television. "We are ready to hold a meeting anywhere agreed upon without any conditions... The sole theme: how to counter the aggression because there is no time to talk about any other issue," Nazzal said. "This is not the time to discuss differences," he told the news channel.
" We are ready to hold a meeting anywhere agreed upon without any conditions... The sole theme: how to counter the aggression because there is no time to talk about any other issue "
Hamas member
Hamas broke ranks with president Mahmoud Abbas's secular Fatah party in June 2007, staging a coup against the Palestinian Authority and taking control of the impoverished enclave after more than a week of deadly infighting. Efforts to reconcile the two Palestinian factions have so far foundered. Watch the Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZaG96pnnEQ

By : Heba Mohamed

Penalty for those who kill the teacher

Cairo: The Criminal Court ruled the Egyptian governorate of Giza, after the unanimous approval of the Mufti of the Republic Mr. Khalifa Mirai punish "teachers", and Ragab Mahmoud " Dustman" to death by hanging, and Yasser Mohammed "Worker" rigorous imprisonment of 15 years on charges of killing the teacher Fayza Mohammad Saad control room within the school deliberately with premeditation and the theft of gold and a mobile.

Back to events in the month of November 2008 when he found the body of the victim and has accused the prosecution of the first and second charge of murder with premeditation, that the first defendant to harm the teacher have a place of work and school, had lured the second defendant, "Dustman" in the yard, citing its need for some papers and entered the control room within the school until the teacher got the rope prepared Suffocating for this purpose and then apply it in his hands when he heard the voice of her pain to ensure her death, while the third suspect was in agreement with them to bury the body, then the school courtyard, the first defendant also stole gold and her mobile phone.
The FBI investigation revealed that the first defendant was a victim of the fire, and decided that they used insulting to his colleagues and students breaking the engagement, however, it continued to insult him holding the determination to kill and the defendant agreed with the second and third, and already trying to develop poison to kill her in the tea, however, refused to address it killed her.
By: Ahmed farouk

John Travolta 'Heartbroken' Over Son's Death

John Travolta and Kelly PrestonA day after the death of his son, Jett, John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston remain in shock, a friend of the family tells PEOPLE. "He never dreamed of this – their relationship was so close,” says family attorney Mike Ossi, who is in the Bahamas with the actor.

"He always said 'I'm happy as long as my kids are happy.' He is heartbroken … To bury your son is the worst thing you can ever do." According to Ossi, 16-year-old Jett was discovered by a nanny on Friday morning around 10 a.m. After the nanny called 911, John Travolta tried in vain to resuscitate his son. "He didn't want anything to happen to that boy, and he kept on trying to revive him," said Ossi. "He did mouth-to-mouth until they had to physically remove John to take Jett to the Hospital.
" The teen, who is the only son of Travolta, 54, and Preston, 46, has a history of having seizures. Police spokeswoman Loretta Mackey told the Associated Press that Jett hit his head in a bathtub Friday morning and was declared dead at Rand Memorial Hospital. According to Ossi, around 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 1, John said goodnight to his son, who was tired from a long day spent on the water with his family. Jett went to his room with his nanny.
"He always had a nanny by his side because he had a history of seizures," says Ossi. "John took extra precautions. [Jett] was never alone." Mike McDermott, John's corporate counsel, adds, "John did everything in his power to revive [his son.] John and Jett had a very strong relationship. Words cannot explain how close they were. This will take a lot of time. His life will never be the same again."
Mr. Travolta spent a tremendous amount of time with his son, Jett. He never left him at home. He always brought him with him. And once you saw John Travolta, you saw his son, Jett. They were very close, very affectionate. Lots of love, you see at all times," Wilchcomb said.
The family was on the island this weekend for a gathering of 60 family and friends who were arriving throughout the day as the tragedy unfolded, Wilchcomb said.
In 1994, Travolta told People magazine that he loved fatherhood.
"I can't imagine what life would be like without Jett," he said. "After he was born and cleaned up, I held him for hours while Kelly slept. When they came to take him away for various tests, I said, 'No, you can't see him today. You'll have to do it another day.' I went a little nutsy." Jett Travolta had a developmental disability that his parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, have linked to Kawasaki disease, an inflammatory disorder of the artery walls that most commonly occurs in young children and can lead to heart disease.
By : Ahmed Farouk

The death of Soad Nasr

Head of the Egyptian Actors Union, Ashraf Zaki submitted a request to have the body of Egyptian actor Soad Nasr, who died this week, undergo an autopsy.

Ashraf said that he wants to know the exact reasons behind Soad's death, and will announce the results publicly.

Police officials agreed immediately to the request.

Ashraf wants to know if her death was a medical mistake or occurred naturally.

After a coma that lasted for almost a year, Soad died at the age of 57. The late actor had fallen into a coma while she was having liposuction and began losing large amounts of blood.

Soad was born in 1953 and graduated from the Arts and Theater Academy in 1975. She went on to become a comedian actor on stage, television and the big screen, making her debut in the cinema in 1982 in the film “Al Gheereh Al Qateleh” (Deadly Jealousy).

Her second film was “Huna Al Qahira” (Here is Cairo) alongside prominent actor Mohammad Subhi. Later that year she worked with the late director Salah Abu Yousef on the film “Al Badieh” (The Beginning) and then continued to work with prominent director Yousef Shahin.

Some of her most popular works are the television dramas “Rihlat Al Malyoun” (The One Million Journey), “Abria’ fi Kafas Al Itiham” (Innocence behind bars), “Abwab Al Madina” (City Gateway), ‘Wanees’, “Juha”, “Al Laila Wa
Akhero” (Midnight), “Mishwar Imra’a” (A Woman’s Journey) and “Bawabit Al Halawani” (Al Halawani Gateway).

Soad will be remembered for her films “Al Ghadab” (Anger), “Zawaj Bikarar Joumhouri” (A Public Wedding), “Bait Al Kadi” (The Judge’s Home) and “Huna Al Qahira” (Here is Cairo).

In the theater, Soad acted in the plays “Juthoor Looz” (Almond Roots), “Takhareef” (Nonsense) and “Albarooshaat” (Parachutes).

Soad married twice, her first husband was actor Ahmad Abdul Warith, with whom she had a daughter and son. Her second husband was engineer Mohammad Abdul Mun’em.
By: Dina Adel

The privacy session on Sunday 16 November

at 4:30 morning the court was blockade from inside and outside .computers were recording the names of the attendants .the policewomen were inspecting the attendant's women .after one hour the journalists & business men were allowed to enter the hall by permission of the policemen .
At 7:15, the first mocker (mohasn el sokary) entered his prison with three guards guarding him
After seconds (hesham talaat Mustafa) the second mocker entered his prison with the same number of guards, he was wearing white clothes and scarf & was carrying small black bag, then he sat and gave his back to the prison's gate .what was surprising the looking between sokary & one of the policemen .then, sokary entered into a discussion with his brother (ashraf) after this discussion sokary seems to be relaxed and safe then he smoked
At 7:50, hesham talaat Mustafa's sister came (sahr talaat Mustafa) he entered in a discussion with her then he bring out file from his bag and keep looking in the pictures and papers in it at that time his sister was talking on the phone after she finished she got closer from her brother and told him what happened in this call.
The signs on hesham's face appeared to be anxiety especially during the entering of man coming from emirates named "rayed el 3azazy"then hesham's lawyer came .he stand up quickly and keep ordering him.
The session started at 9:10 minutes and after 25 minutes a lawyer (raft Aziz) said that there are lawyer named (samir shetshawy) compose & published a book called (hesham innocent from Suzan's blood) he added that his target was to influence on the public opinion .the court hedged the book and commanded to be private session because there were important political names like (gamal Mubarak) & (habib el adly)
Finally, it delayed to 20 next month.
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By : Dina adel

The mercy of heaven saves a drivers life

17\10\2008 the emergency was informed to direct to the check point to check the information about truck was shooted while it was directing to Arish from Kantara before the check point by 20 km the truck driver who called Heussen Abd El bary (27 year) was asked about the accident and he said that while he was driving to Arish the truck was shooted by a car in the same direction which has no plates and after the investigation there was a hole behind the right bumper of the truck and there no other clue or injures.

By : Heba Mohamed

The competition for water polo

In sharing 4 Egyptian
(Heliopolis el seid el jazz era el shams)
club there is the competition of water polo the tenth water polo competation.were the tenth competition for water polo in Heliopolis club and although in this day the
Astaqrolohwal air is not ok the people not stop for encourage their team and they a large number from people and the competition was ended that Heliopolis club is the winner and some members of the club sales the t-shirts which have a logo of competition for the cancer patients children.

By: Ramy youssef